Make money by forecasting future financial and political events!

Every day you receive a list of the most topical news the outcome of which will happen in the nearest future. The challenge for you is to predict the outcome of those events and become among top 2% of the most successful forecasters to be able to win the cash prize fund in the end of each month.

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"Cindicator app" rewards users for accurate forecasts.
It’s not just another Prediction Market. We don’t offer users to risk their money, but on the contrary, every month you have a chance to win the cash prize fund.

Make money

Make your own forecasts everyday as precisely as possible to get to the top 2% of the ranking.

Prove your analytical skills

Prove that the accuracy of your forecasting aptitude on finance and politics is higher than the analytics by professional experts.

Get insights for your trading strategy

You can use our Сrowd Forecasting platform CINDICATOR to get precise forecasts. In 80% of cases, Crowd Indicator is more accurate than forecasts of any professional analyst.

Some facts about our platform


First prize fund we will raffle off on 30th June 2016. Start scoring points today!


At the end of each month, we divide the prize cash fund among the top 2% of the users in our ranking


Each following month the prize fund increases by about 2 times


In 80% of cases, an average forecast from our users is always more accurate than the forecast of a single expert or professional analyst.

Download our app today and start earning money by forecasting financial and political events!


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